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  1. Also, your "community guidelines" are questionable at best. The fact is that community standards vary everywhere in the world. In some parts, nudity is perfectly acceptable. In others, such as Islamic nations, women cannot even show their faces in public. So, by your guidelines, and if Islamic men say so, then all women appearing in a video here should wear burkas? This clearly illustrates, I hope, how ignorant the system is.

  2. It is immensely frustrating to see how the west is being led by the nose for so long. We're not talking about a single, isolated deception, but a scam that's been going on for years upon years.easterners are rightfully laughing on the mental simplicity of western diplomats, generals, bureaucrats, and politicians.Perhaps, then, we need leaders that understand the eastern mentality correctly, without all the romanticized fairy tales; or for the very least leaders who listen to advisors that understand it.

  3. Anon.. Siapa ko tok bersihkan hati aku..? Kalau aku nak bersihkan hati pun itu antara aku dengan TUHAN.. Bukan kerana ko.. Aku makcik ke kakak ke pun bukan ko untuk menilaikannya.. Dan kenapa ko perlu nak malu dengan aku? Aku bukan sesiapa tok ko ok..So, jangan la menyalak tak tentu hal. Menang kat komen ni tak semestinya ko menang di SANA anon oooiiiii..**Yang kat atas ni nampak sangat palsu kan aku..Well-loved.

  4. If the Royals were to trade for a starter, it would have to be a lefty because they don’t have one and desperately want one. So I don’t think Niemann would do the trick. If they were interested in Soria they should have talked to them while Kazmir was still around.Doubt they’d trade Soria anyway, though. He’s young and has a ridiculously cheap contract that, with options, keeps him under team control for five more seasons.

  5. Okay, I’m in.I just first read about this on Lynn’s blog (Power Chicks, for your readers who don’t know her), and just skimmed your post and Jac’s post about it. It’s also NaNoWriMo, and I’ve been saying I was gonna hop on that energy.It’s ALSO my birth month–what better time to let my creative sparks fly?AND I just updated and further authenticized my website (I made that word up, I think).So…perfect timing. And I love the idea of riding the combined energy of a movement (I release the “mini,” pah!)!Thanks for the invitation, Amy! (And Lynn and Jac!)

  6. Posted by on August 09, 2012 at 2:40 am 7deHi Jen, You are in a great group. Gavin is a great teacher and has been giving great advice this entire week. He is just that kind of guy! Yes, Jen my motto is integrity, honesty and trust. I’ve built many great relationships that way. I will continue doing what I do because it works for me.Thanks,DonnaDonna Merrill recently posted..

  7. > W Niemczech, gdzie prezydent odmówił podpisania> ustawy cenzurującej Internet chyba się udało.Oj, gdyby u nas Prezydent odmówił podpisania ustawy… Już słyszę ten skowyt w "polskich" mediach… I tony gówna którymi by go obrzucono.

  8. TheMadJewess:As for the tribe, it is OBVIOUS, James. I am a LION, of Judah Not a chance. The tribes of Israel are not of MIXED blood. Ergo, you cannot be either of Judah or of Israel.Whichever one of your parents is of Anglo-Saxon descent screwed up royally when they mated with your Jew parent. By this, they broke the sixth commandment against adulteration and the ultimate sin which is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.A broken cistern can never contain the spirit of YHWH, and once born, it cannot be undone, therefore, it is unforgivable.

  9. The folding arms thing never bothered me. I've never been an arm folder. But, at school I found big boobs get in the way when you want to get comfortable at your desk. Either you have to sit straight up, which gets tiring (especially when they run documentaries) or you sit with your boobs on the desk. I ended up with my boobs on the desk. No one ever mentioned it to me, that I can remember. I just thought it was kind of a funny thing.

  10. I never had a group big enough to do the games with texting but I did encourage them to let the friends that were texting them know they they were at church right then.It seemed when I encouraged them to use phones in a positive way they responded positive but if I made a negative remark about something they were doing they responded negative.I can’t wait to see what new ways come about from using text messages in the service.I’d like to see sermon notes or bible references texted out at specific times during the message.

  11. Portablility issues and pre-existing condition restrictions are a couple of the ways the government can be constructively involved; again these were suggestions the Rethugs! made, but since the Obamists couldn’t include anyone not in ideological lockstep with them in the debate…Free market solutions always trump government ones; and have the advantage of being able to be shaped by regulation.Instead of the tyranny of the death panels and “complete lifers” Like Zeke Emmanuel…

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  13. De grønne sengene var flotte Monica!På bildene er de fine i det rommet uten at du trenger lysere vegger. Men i virkeligheten blir det kanskje litt annerledes. Jeg har og kommet til å hatt sengene som de er. I ferien skal vi til å male kjøkkeninnredninga på hytta,(heldigvis ikke store rommet) Er så i tvil på farge. Har faktisk tenkt på lysere grønn(50-tallsfarge tro) Har sett noe på blogg hos Aud(LIV og Lyst tror jeg). Eller da en lys/hvit farge. Me får se. Ha ei god helg!

  14. Raw but shows hope. I think the creators have to consider the movie from the visitors point of view. It is very slow in many parts. I think more time should have been spent in the editing other wise it is a good start to a budding career.The only way too improve yourself is to keep on trying. Next time I hope the video is NOT a documentary. Try something shorter and keep the viewer interested. You are in the business to make money (i hope) so maybe you should think of it like a business instead of an "Artist".

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  17. Besides the fact this looks a little too CON AIR for my tastes, I’d say the trailer looks pretty darn good and of higher standing than the AVP farces – and that’s from a guy who shamefully has not even seen Predator.Also: What’s with Fishburne having played a slew of ‘kinda crazy bad dudez’ in his last, like, 50 movies? Predators, Assault on Precinct 13, Armored, 21… Mission Impossible III (I’m assuming on that one, never saw it).

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  20. perastikosesu ti eisai? pos ta leme auta pou petagonte? a geia souegw to eipa auto giati o george to sinithizei auto kai elega mipos exei kai to case etoimo gia na to doume alla parelipses ta xamogelakia sto keimeno pio panooo nai ekei aaa geia soou to proto…anyway cheers m8 paw gia mpiritsa

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  23. I've enjoyed Valerie Frankel's writing in O and Self for years- love her take on relationships, especially!Currently, my favorite tv show about friendships is Parenthood, particularily because the friendships are between siblings and spouses- great relationships and great show!Thanks for the chance to win-Chercherbason at gmail dot com

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  25. The tretinoin I use is Atralin. I remove makeup, cleanse my face and apply a pea sized amount all over. I follow that with? a serum or moisturizer depending on my mood LOL I wait for nothing to dry because I do not want my skin to lose the hydration from the water. That has been my routine for over 10 years now and seems to work just fine. ? Jan

  26. They are so beautiful! I know you must be really proud of all your grands.We used to live in Nashville just a few minutes from Belmont's campus. It really is a nice place to live. Of course, when we were there the traffic wasn't nearly so bad as it is now! But it'll always be a special place to me–our oldest son was born at Baptist Hospital! I wonder if your grandkids might have been born there, too!

  27. María José, bienvenida y lo primero que te podemos decir es que tengas mucha calma para comenzar este proceso. Por suerte te diagnosticaron más o menos pronto. Lo importante es que ahora lleves tu vida normalmente en la medida que los síntomas lo permitan, no fuerces tu cuerpo y piensa siempre en la recuperación. Te invitamos a participar de nuestro grupo de Facebook: y a llamarnos por teléfono si necesitas más información 02-2896256 – 0993058454.Un abrazo.

  28. There are people who are needy and people who are poor.Charity caters to the former, government to the latter.I support aid for those in need (don’t forget senior citizens!), not aid for those who choose to not work and live off of extorted taxpayer money.

  29. Liebe Tanja, ich habe gewonnen….. freu wie blöd…. ich gewinne ja nie…. ausser bei Car und jetzt. Ich sehe, du benutzt fleißig den Eckstanzer…. ich habe sie jetzt auch….. nochmal freu. Und dein Layout finde ich mal wieder total klasse. LG Manuela

  30. This is very similar to IR spectrum ufo telescope photography posted on YouTube. Is this a NWO military specification simulated ET alien invasion from space FTX or field training exercise ? Is it designed to be part of the motive for One World Governance as earth approaches the End of Nations ? As a former ICBM Launch command SAR RTO to NORAD and DEW Line, I know the Air Force knows what this is. It is treason for them to remain silent. Treason, desertion, and cowardice in the face of the enemy is lawfully publishable by death.

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  33. Unless the deer is on the move or over about 200 lbs and over 150 yards, I think that the 100g .243 is a superb choice, even out of the 15" bbl. I have zero personal knowledge about handgun pistol scopes, but that's only because I live in a land where rifles are allowed. When I handgun hunt, I use iron sights and a field holster. But I understand why you're doing this silly thing, and it makes since. (So, by definition, it's not silly.)Oh wait– Dad's Savage Scout has a Leupold intermediate eye relief on it, so I guess I've used ONE pistol scope.

  34. We hope so Mary, but it is too early to tell.What I am sure of is that the momentum we got at the days of the revolution is still huge, let us pray this momentum be directed properly. Pray for your homeland Mary, Egypt needs our prayers.

  35. nu sunt fan Calvin, sunt fan al ideii ca omul nu poate face nimic pentru mantuire. astfel slava pentru mantuire este exclusiv plasata in mainile lui Cristos. nu o cosmetizez, din nou, prezumtia de vinovatie. te pot acuza ca si tu cosmetizezi pana in panzele albe, folosind aceeasi ardoare de care dau eu dovada, cand vorbesti despre teologia ta.so?

  36. Poor woman. Why did she see a customarily approach out of this conditions as suicide? Surely there was something else she could have done, even if it had meant withdrawal her pursuit and relocating behind in with her mum. It would have been extreme though certainly improved than finale your life? Thoughts are with her family.

  37. So true. Here in America, we have CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). It is absolutely impossible to make the slightest comment (I’m not even saying ’criticism’) on the latest Islamofascist crime without CAIR jumping down everyone’s throat, screeching ”discrimination!” ”bigots!” ”racism!” etc. They constantly bleat about how they are victims of hatred and discrimination. Which of course they are NOT, seeing as how they effectively squash criticism by the above-mentioned method.It would be comical if it wasn’t so scary.

  38. To change the subject totally from about appalling historical standards, Bart Ehrman writes 'With respect to Jesus, we have numerous, independent accounts of his life in the sources lying behind the Gospels (and the writings of Paul) — sources that originated in Jesus' native tongue Aramaic and that can be dated to within just a year or two of his life (before the religion moved to convert pagans in droves). Historical sources like that are is pretty astounding for an ancient figure of any kind.'I had no idea we had such sources, or such precise datings of them.I just wish I was able to see them.

  39. Yes, Nina is the absoute best. She has amazing ideas. She designed the cover for my first novel, The Doctor’s Secret Bride, Book One of The Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls series, and I’ve gotten so many compliments about it. She’s now working on Book Two, The Mogul’s Reluctant Bride, and I’m very excited about the samples she’s sent me already. Go Nina!

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  45. Patrick,Non désolée c’était en 2001, comme quoi certains sont sacrément rancuniers… les kiwis ont en plus un sentiment d’infériorité assez prononcé par rapport aux australiens, j’ai eu l’occasion de le remarquer plusieurs fois… Mais attention je le répète j’ai croisé des gens formidables kiwis et aussies réunis, mes meilleurs amis sont australiens, le monde n’est ni blanc, ni noir, il est gris, c’est un mélange…Bonne route

  46. disse:Exato André. A pergunta é: Será que são os RPGs do MARIO que precisam sair da lista pra que os outros "injustiçados", como Grandia, possam entrar? Na minha opinião, consigo ver alguns rpgs piores na lista, o que por si só já justificaria deixar os tão-crticiados "rpgs bobinhos da nintendo".

  47. I wish more people would get the realistic picture like you and stop this La La land wishing for Hydrigen, Solar and wind to save us.Solar and wind can help, but there is no way at this time they can produce the amount we need and come anywhere near any practicle cost and land use restraints.I believe a combination of masive conservation of energy and many new Nuclear Plants, along with some wind, solar, etc. where we can is the only responsible approach for now.

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  49. I think a copper in Liverpool was suspended, not sure if they were sacked or not.The greatest benefit will be the publicity they get, Nick Griffin and Simon Darby will be in almost every daily paper every day this week, as happened last time. In the 6 months prior to the last membership list being leaked their average vote in the local elections was 12.3%. In the 6 months after (until the June elections) it was 21.3%. Nu LabourSpelt ‘ZaNu Liebore’ I believe.

  50. I’d want to bring an iPad . . . the biggest one, the MaxiPad . . . loaded with games and movies. And my Zune, which I have loaded my favorite 6,000 tunes. And then a Kindle loaded with promising books. And then of course, a toothbrush and deodorant. And if I had more time, I’d like to throw in that bag of M&Ms hiding in VS’s drawer.

  51. / The core of your writing whilst sounding reasonable in the beginning, did not work very well with me personally after some time. Somewhere throughout the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer but only for a very short while. I still have got a problem with your jumps in logic and one might do well to fill in all those gaps. In the event that you can accomplish that, I could undoubtedly be amazed.

  52. can’t directly relate as I’m old and always hated “the gym” but oh god yes the never ending squirming feeling (triple gerund) that results from being hetero trapped… it never goes away… the horror the horror as Marlon kurtz would say *sprinkles shiny droplets of water on bald pate

  53. White men to clean up a white-man's mess. That'll catch on! Perhaps not…Obama was drafted to clean up a white mess, but then cleaning up white-folk messes have always fallen to slaves, black janitors and maids.Kasich, where's your allegiance to American tradition?Don't answer that…one of these anonnies squatting here, will, I'm sure, pounce all over it.

  54. From times when I regularly went between Poland and England by coach, I would say that one of the most popular dishes for Poles (and myself) returning home was flaki. It might not be a comfort food as you describe it, but it was definitely a “Thank God I’m back home” dish. Polish roadside-cafe coffee is also a marvellous travel relaxant.

  55. Haaa, c’est bien ce que je pensais avoir compris !! Merci Par contre, je pensais aussi avoir compris que la BCE ne pouvait pas prêter directement aux états, mais que le marché secondaire lui était accessible. Dans l’article, il est dit que non… ma foi…

  56. That true!Plus there are some great games online that the schools push, like Study Island (or is it Math Island)…I’m sure there are finance sites for kids too!I know at my son’s school, they have implemented a financial program to teach them about finances. From what me son tells me, it supposed to be pretty good!

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